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The United Nations project that the world population will reach 9.1 -10 Billion by 2050.

This represents a minimum increase of 33% in the global demand for food .

In addition to the population growth, rapid urbanization and changing eating habits of an urbanized global population will increase demand for food further. Some analysts believe food demand can double by 2050 - yet only 10% of world agricultural soils remain undeveloped.

This scenario points towards great food shortages in coming decades due to mainly a shortage of food production capacity.

Africa represents a vast untapped resource in terms of agricultural production capacity. Yet Africa is perceived as a risky continent by investors. The Arvum Finance Company (a subsidiary of the Unlimited Group) targets the funding of projects in the African agri sector in order to develop unutilized production capacity while managing and reducing risk for investors

The Unlimited Groupís extensive agri production and marketing expertise is leveraged with the Arvum Finance Company to ensure investments are made in agri sectors that represents sound long term production fundamentals in order to ensure a stable return on investment and most importantly, long term sources of agricultural production.

Arvum Finance is a NCR registered company.

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