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Land and production capacity is a finite resource in the world. Only 12% of global agricultural land is not utilized at present. A large percentage of this land is located in Africa. Developing food production capacity in South- and Southern Africa is of vital importance to long term food security in the region.

o The Unlimited Group have partnered with the Industrial Development Corporation to develop primary production capacity in Southern Africa with specific focus on supporting and developing previously disadvantaged agricultural groupings through funding and other support mechanisms.

Our investment approach is to take the following crucial factors into consideration:

  • To focus on investments in the Unlimited Group's core business of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • To firstly look at the long term sustainability of the project
  • To primarily look at the operating partners in the business we invest in and the level of commitment and energy that is present in the grouping we will be partnering with.
  • To look at the governance structures that are in place and how professional the project is operated
  • To invest in larger production units in order to gain economies of scale
  • To look at the agricultural potential of the area in which the production unit is based in
  • To make sure the project has scaleability
We believe that the experienced team of the various subsidiaries of the Unlimited Group is in a position to make a positive contribution to any business that fits these criteria.
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